The Easiest Way To Boost Your Livestock Appetite, Cure Bird Flu & Increase Oxygen Level in Fish Pond

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“I tried the Dickem Farm mega booster and to be honest, I am satisfied with it, my poultry has improved in production”

Chisom Blessing


Are You Facing Any of These Challenges In Your Poultry or Fish Farm:

Lack of appetite in fish and fingerlings
Slow digestion rates in fish and fingerlings
Long oxygen release time in fish pond
Slow growth and lowered immune system
 Poor egg production
avian influenza (AI) 
viral and mixed Bacteria infections.

If this is you, then you should get these poultry and livestock feed additives today!

Who should use these supplements?

You should use these supplements  if;

You own a poultry

You have a livestock farm

 You are searching for cure for avian influenza 

You are searching for a cure for viral and mixed Bacteria infections

You boost the general wellbeing of your poultry or livestock

“I battled with Avian influenza in my poultry until someone recommended Dickem Farm’s Dilevof -100 + Oral to me, now my birds are fine ”

Joseph Akwaji


What Customers Said About Dickem Farms Poultry

and Livestock Feed Additives

Dickem Farm Poultry and Livestock Supplements FAQ

How do you administer these supplements?

You can administer any of these supplements orally by mixing the appropriate quantity in drinking water for poultry or

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