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Invest Today & Get Up to 22% Interest In 6 Months


The Smartest Way To Invest in Fish Farming & Get Bountiful Returns

Do you know that you can earn up to 22% to 30% interest on your investment in 6 months, without actually lifting a finger?

If you would like to make bountiful ROI through fish farming without actually owning a farm, taking any risk or doing all the dirty works, then listen up!

Dickem Farms Africa is offering Smart Nigerians the opportunity to invest in units of our fish farmland and get 22% to 30% ROI in 6 months.

Each fish farming unit cost N50,000, and you can buy as many units as you want. The more units you buy, the higher your ROI.

Dickem Farms is one of the Largest fish farm company in Africa, located in Isashi, Lagos State with We over 32 massive earthing pond that can produce over 5 Million fishes in 6 months

Our Hatchery that can produce over 1 million juvenile in 1 month and our Fish and poultry meal production factory can produce over 5tones of fish meals in 1 hour.

Your investment is 100% Safe And Secured: We have been in fish farming business for over 25years, Plus, our fishes are insured by Lead Way Assurance, so no matter the outcome, your investment is safe..

You don’t have to lift a finger, just invest and watch your investment grow and earn after 6 months


How Sponsor A Fish Farm Works

Sign Up

Sign up for a complimentary account to gain full access to high profit farm investment opportunities in our easy-to-use portal.


Determine what best fits your investment portfolio and invest. All opportunities have been carefully selected and offer high return possibilities.

Confirm Payment

After payment is confirmed, you receive your invoice and your partnership certificate then you can watch your investment grow.

Earn & Grow

Congratulations, you are a farmer! Dickem Farms manages all aspects of the farming, from beginning to harvesting to selling while you simply earn after 6months.

Get Up to 30% Interest In 6 Months

Why Should You Invest in Fish Farming With Dickem Farms?

Here Are Some Amazing Reasons

Secured Investment

Our fishes are insured by Leadway Assurance. You can also work into our farm and see for yourself.

Farmer Owned

Dickem farm is actually owned and operated by Real farmer with over 25years experience in fish farming.

22% Interest & Above

Get a minimum of 22% ROI, plus other benefits on your investment.

Massive Hatchery

We have one of the largest juvenile hatchery in Nigeria that produces up to 1 million juvenile in one month

Fish Feed Mill Factory

Our fish feed mill factory has the capacity to produce about 5tons of fish feed and poultry feed in 1hour.

Over 30 Earthen Ponds

We have 32 massive earthen fish ponds on our farm, making it one of the largest fish pond farm in Nigeria.

Other Cool Benefits For Investors


Apart from your ROI, our investors are also qualified for our fish farming training. Investors who would like to start their own fish farming business but do not know how to go about it will be given comprehensive training and support. Also, you get 5% discount on any of our products like mobile fish ponds, feed mill machines etc.


Reviews From Happy Investors

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is This ‘Sponsor A Farm’ about?

Dickem Farms “Sponsor A Farm” is a way to enabling partner with us by investing on some units of our fish farm and get a minimum of 22% interest on their investment.

You buy some units of our fish farmland, we invest your money, and you get 22% interest after 6months.

How Many Units Can I Buy?

As an investor, you can invest or buy as many units as you want.

Understand that, the higher your investment, the higher your return on investment.

Why Should I Trust Dickem?

Dickem Farms Africa is one of the largest fish farming company in Africa with over 32 massive ponds, we have been in this business of fishfarming for over two decadeds.

Our integrity is more important to us, and we will protect that with our life

How Can I Pay?

All payment should be made through our Company’s Bank Account. Dickem Aquatech Ent., Providus bank. Account Number is 1100103761.

How Much Does A Unit Cost

Each farmland unit cost N50,000. And you can buy as many units as you want.

How Do I Join?

The process is very simple. Click on the Sign Up Button and complete the registration.

Then you will be redirected into the portal where you select the numbers of unitis you want, and make payment.

How Do I Follow Up My Sponsorship?

Your Relationship Manager will give you monthly updates via email, sms and calls.

You can also watch your partnership funds grow from the comfort of your home just with your mobile phone or tablet.

Is Your Company Insured?

Our Fishes are insured by Lead Way Assurance. Making your insurance covers your initial capital, incase of any unforeseen circumstances your initial capital will be refunded.

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